X6 Flechette Rifle

Project 154 wielding the X6 Flechette Rifle

The X6 Flechette Rifle is a weapon appearing in Thing-Thing 4.


An experimental weapon from Systems Corp., the X6 Flechette Rifle is a fully automatic firearm capable of firing deadly steel flechettes at a high rate of fire.

While fairly weak in terms of accuracy, it has plenty of reach, and the flechettes' high penetrating power makes it a very strong weapon, especially against droves of enemies. The ammunition for the weapon can be scarce at times, so save up as much ammo as you can.


  • Thing-Thing 4


  • The only other flechette-using weapon is the GL06 Flechette Grenade Launcher, which is also from Thing-Thing 4.
  • Flechette-firing firearms in real life are an uncommon sight, especially since most never make it past the experimental stage.