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Project 154 wielding the X6 Flechette Rifle.

The X6 Flechette Rifle is a weapon appearing in Thing-Thing 4.


An experimental weapon from Systems Corp., the X6 Flechette Rifle is a fully automatic firearm capable of firing deadly steel flechettes at a high rate of fire. Each flechette can pierce enemies. It uses Flechette ammo.

While fairly weak in terms of accuracy, the flechettes' high penetrating power makes it a very strong weapon, especially against droves of enemies. The ammunition for the weapon can be scarce at times, so save up as much ammo as you can.


  • Thing-Thing 4


  • The only other flechette-based weapon is the GL06 Flechette Grenade Launcher, which is also from Thing-Thing 4.
  • Flechette-firing small arms in real life are an uncommon sight, especially since they never make it past the experimental stage. The most notable of such weapons are those developed as part of the SPIW project, as well as the Steyr ACR.