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Thing-Thing Scene Creator is a side-game in the Thing-Thing series. It was released some time after Thing-Thing Arena 2.


Scene Creator is an interactive dress-up game, where you create scenes using Thing-Thing characters from the first three games in the main series, as well as Thing-Thing Arena and Thing-Thing Arena 2, including the costumes and weapons from those games, as well as backgrounds from TTA2. The only limit is your imagination, and by the time you finished your custom-made scene to your liking, you can turn off the buttons and admire your handiwork and/or take a snapshot of it. In addition, it also has the dual-wield weapons from TT3 in single-wield form, especially the ultra-powerful XM-435 SuperMag.


Thing-Thing Scene Creator has some glitches that somewhat tarnish the experience.

  • When changing the action frame on the TT3/TTA2 weapons, you would sometimes get a rapidly changing muzzle flash.
  • Another unusual case involves the TT3 version of the Striker 12 shotgun; there would be a second muzzle flash pointing diagonally downwards.