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Thing-Thing Arena Classic is the fifth iteration of the Thing-Thing Arena side-series of games in the Thing-Thing series. It first went up on the Diseased Productions website on September 27th, 2013. 


Thing-Thing Arena Classic, along with its objective-based counterpart, Thing-Thing Arena Pro, features a more simplified gameplay engine than with the previous games.

The ability to crouch is removed, in addition to the jumping method having changed; You can jump once, but the height of your jump depends on how you much you press and hold the W key.

Along with that, there is no longer any need to hold down the Shift key to run, or to collect ammo for your weapons, because they automatically reload when you use up every bit of ammo, or when you press the R key. The ammo is also infinite. Speaking of weapons, you can only carry two weapons at a time (like in Thing-Thing Arena 3), in addition to the removal of the melee weapon mechanic. However, the weapons can only be selected before gameplay begins.

The scoring mechanic has also changed, featuring a combo meter with a point bonus that can be built up with each consecutive kill. If the meter empties out, the pent-up point bonus would be added to your score.


Unlike in Arena Pro, Arena Classic emphasizes on killing as many enemies as possible with no time limits, no data discs to destroy, and no gun parts, keycards, or secret briefcases to collect. However, you still have to collect Health items to restore your health.

In addition, every weapon featured in Arena Pro is available from the start, so you may use whatever two of them that you would like.

Just like in the first two games, there are different survival modes;

  • Standard: Normal survival mode where you fight off wave after wave of enemy Thing-Things trying to kill you.
  • Zombie: Zombie Survival Mode has returned, this time with a new type of zombie that could vomit acid at the player character. Be careful, because the zombie acid deals up to 20 points in damage!
  • Stinky Bean: Stinky Bean Survival Mode has also returned, with a new, smaller sub-species of explosive kamikaze Stinky Beans, so be on your guard!


See List of Thing-Thing Arena Pro/Classic Weapons for details


  • Thing-Thing Arena Classic is the second game in the series to feature explosive suicidal enemies, the first being Thing-Thing Arena 2.