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Thing-Thing Arena 2 is the 2nd game in the Thing-Thing Arena side-series. 


This game features major improvements to the original, such as a dynamic camera system that moves along with the character. Also, with the feature of more modes and costumes as before, this is clearly a much better game them the original. In addition, the there are new enemies. Not only that, but the game also features power-ups to further spice up gameplay.

Gameplay Modes[]

  • Sentry Bomber Survival: In this gameplay mode, you are pitted against swarm after swarm of robotic Sentry Bomber attack drones seeking to destroy you in an explosive suicide attack. 
  • Stinky Bean Survival: The Stinky Beans are at it again, and this time they come in different sizes, too. Watch out for the really small ones!
  • Zombie Survival: Zombie Survival has returned, and this time, the undead are a bit tougher to kill this time around. In addition, you start off with a SPAS-12 with 100 shotshells and an FN Five-seveN with 100 rounds. 
  • Super Survival: In this mode, you are faced against armed Systems Corp. soldiers out for blood. You start off with an FN P90 with 200 rounds and a Five-seveN with 100 rounds.
  • Ultimate Survival: This is the hardest gameplay mode in Thing-Thing Arena 2, featuring all the enemy types in one violent extravaganza; Sentry Bombers, Systems Corp. soldiers, Stinky Beans, and zombies! 
  • Practice Mode: In this mode, you practice your shooting skills with every type of weapon in the game. It is there that you can unlock the Mini-Vulcan by killing the Cashier.


  • Time Freeze: This power-up temporarily freezes your enemies in time for 3 seconds, so you could make your escape or kill them right there. The more of these you collect, the longer the time freeze.
  • Super Speed: Increases your speed for six seconds, giving you the means to make a getaway from large crowds of enemies. Additional power-ups makes this last longer.
  • Super Jump: Allows you to jump twice as high for 6 seconds, and subsequent power-ups add more duration to this ability.
  • Health: Restores a portion of your health.



  • FN Five-seveN: Made by FN Herstal in Belgium, the Five-seveN uses the proprietary 5.7x28mm cartridge. It is the most basic gun in the game.
    • Power: 1
    • Ammo Capacity: 20
  • AutoMag .44AMP: The semi-automatic magnum handgun using the powerful .44AMP magnum cartridge. Ammo can be scarce, though.
    • Power: 10
    • Ammo Capacity: 5


  • FN P90: A PDW (Personal Defense Weapon) made by FN Herstal, and uses the 5.7x28mm cartridge. Weak power, but makes up for it in a high rate of fire. Despite using the same type of ammo with the Five-seveN, it isn't used interchangeably between weapons.
    • Power: 1
    • Ammo Capacity: 50
  • FN SCAR: FN Herstal's modular rifle entered in the Individual Carbine competition (now cancelled as of June 2013). Has a slower rate of fire than the P90, but uses stronger rounds.
    • Power: 3
    • Ammo Capacity: 30
  • Mini-Vulcan (Secret gun): A handheld electronically-fired multiple-barreled monster with an incredible rate of fire, but eats up ammo relatively quick. Can be unlocked only in Practice Mode by killing the Cashier.
    • Power: 2
    • Ammo Capacity: 150


  • Franchi SPAS-12: The Italian-made dual-mode shotgun returns for TTA2 and is as deadly at close range as ever.
    • Power: 2 (long range), 5 (close range)
    • Ammo Capacity: 9
  • Auto 12: An automatic shotgun with a wicked firing rate. One of the most potent weapons in the game. Ammo can be scarce at time, though.
    • Power: 2 (long range), 5 (close range)
    • Ammo Capacity: 20


  • Heckler & Koch HK69: A break-action 40mm grenade launcher developed by the German Heckler & Koch company. Useful for wiping out multiple enemies in a single blast. Ammo is hard to find, though.
    • Power: 5 (on impact), 10 (area damage)
    • Ammo Capacity: 3
  • HF Laser Pistol: A futuristic weapon firing a constant laser beam. Useful for crowd control. Ammo for the weapon is abundant, but is eaten up quickly.
    • Power: 2
    • Ammo Capacity: 100
  • Gauss Gun: Another futuristic weapon with a medium rate of fire, unleashing high-velocity bolts of energy that can punch through multiple enemies at once.
    • Power: 10
    • Ammo Capacity: 15


  • Sentry Bomber