This page details the weapons featured in the original Thing-Thing.



  • M1911: The world-famous .45 caliber handgun designed by American designer John Moses Browning. Good stopping power, but recoil leads to a rather low rate of fire.
  • Heckler & Koch USP Tactical: A variant of the USP based on the Mk. 23 SOCOM, with a threaded barrel. It has a barrel weight and a tactical light equipped to it.
  • IMI Desert Eagle: An Israeli semi-automatic handgun that uses powerful magnum rounds. Can kill enemies in two shots, but to compensate for its power, each round causes powerful recoil.
  • Revolver: A revolver of an indeterminate make and model also chambered for magnum rounds. Has less recoil, but uses weaker rounds. 
  • Beretta 93R: A select-fire handgun from Italy, designed by Beretta. Fires a three-round burst. Kicks like a mule. 
  • Glock 18: A fully automatic handgun from Austria chambered in 9mm. Very high rate of fire makes the gun rise and not hit anything, if the trigger is held down long enough. It's recommended to fire in short bursts.

Full-Automatic WeaponsEdit

  • M16A2: A re-work of the original M16 less susceptible to battlefield abuse, with reduced barrel rise, reinforced barrel, support for the M203 grenade launcher, etc. Fires a three-round burst at a fairly slow rate of fire.
  • Heckler & Koch G36: An assault rifle of German origin, developed by Heckler & Koch. Fires a three-round burst.
  • AK-47: The world-famous Russian assault rifle. Moderate rate of fire makes for less recoil.
  • Intratec AB-10: A Swedish-American submachine gun chambered in 9mm. In Thing-Thing 1, it has an unrealistically high rate of fire, causing the gun to rise when you hold down the trigger. It's best to fire it in short bursts.
  • Micro Uzi: A compact variant of the famous Israeli machine pistol. Has more recoil than the AB-10, but has a slower rate of fire.


  • Railgun: A powerful railgun powered by a self-recharging capacitor. Kills in a single shot.
  • Bowie Knife: A Bowie Knife for stabbing enemies. This weapon never made it into the game, and was only featured in the beta version.
  • Chainsaw: Self-explanatory. Like the knife, this weapon never made it into the game. Both this and the Bowie Knife do appear in Thing-Thing Scene Creator, though.
  • Lightsaber: An unusable weapon that could only be found when one decompiles the game. It is a lightsaber with a glowing red blade.