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Thing-Things are the eponymous species featured throughout the Thing-Thing series created by Diseased Productions.

General Overview[]

The Thing-Things are a species of limbless humanoid entities, in the vein of video game characters such as Rayman. Each has a grayish skin tone, along with a face that has a pair of blank, pupil-less eyes and no visible mouth. However, judging from the appearance of their skull structures in Thing-Thing 4 and Thing-Thing Arena 3, Thing-Things do indeed have mouths of their own. In addition, the males are able to have facial hair. One advantage of being limbless is the ability to aim a gun in any direction, another being able to double-jump. 

They also live a modern society like the human species would, albeit somewhat more futuristic, along with the presence of megacorporations such as Systems Corp.

Notable Thing-Things[]