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Thing Thing Series Stinky Bean is a character found in one of the survival modes of Thing-Thing Arena and it's sequel as well as a survival mode in Thing-Thing 3. He also appears in the Synthesized Life-Form Chamber in Thing Thing 4. They are said to be the most pathetic lifeform on Earth, or in the Thing-Thing world.

Other Stinky Bean it appears that stinky beans can grow numberless arms/hands

The Chronicles of Stinky Bean

Stinky Bean, under the order of Scatmonkey is sent to fetch numerous items and defeat bosses, and his last task is to fight and destroy a rogue Thing-Thing character in a city covered in Systems Corp billboards. After finishing all of his tasks, Stinky Bean is destroyed by Scatmonkey, because he is of no more use to Scatmonkey and Scatmonkey finds him too epic and a risk to his own power.

Stinky Bean