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The PANCOR Jackhammer, written as the "Jack Hammer" in Thing-Thing Arena and "Pancor Jackhammer" in Thing-Thing 3, is a weapon featured throughout the Thing-Thing series, as well as the Thing-Thing Arena side-series.


Real life[]

The Pancor Jackhammer is a prototype full-auto shotgun designed by John A. Anderson of the New Mexico-based Pancor Industries in 1984, and was patented three years later. It could fire 12 gauge shotshells at a rate of 240 rounds per minute, making it quite a potent weapon.

While the Jackhammer is a powerful weapon, it's best used at close range, like any other shotgun featured throughout the series.

Thing-Thing Arena[]

In Thing-Thing Arena 1, the ammo for the weapon is gun-specific, meaning that you'll have to grab other Jack Hammersfrom the enemies in order to replenish your supply, and it can be scarce at times.

Thing-Thing 3[]

The Pancor Jackhammer is unlocked from getting 40 kills in Super Survival. It uses the same ammo as other shotguns, which means that its ammo is shared with the Striker-12 and Benelli M4. It also has the highest fire rate out of all the shotguns.

Thing-Thing 4[]

The PANCOR Jackhamemr appears again in Thing-Thing 4, using 12-gauge ammo, the same type as the Benelli M4 and USAS-12.

Thing-Thing Arena 3[]

In Thing-Thing Arena 3, the PANCOR Jackhammer has 20 ammo. The reload time for PANCOR Jackhammer is rather slow, so being patient is key.