The Mini-Vulcan is a weapon featured exclusively in Thing-Thing Arena 2.


The Mini-Vulcan is a handheld, multi-barreled minigun that can fire a deadly spray of rounds at an extremely high rate of fire. While it is particularly potent with such an incredible rate of fire, it can still eat up ammo at a relatively quick pace.

Now, the only way to unlock the weapon is this:

In Practice Mode, get a strong weapon (the Auto-12 would be the best choice) and stock up on ammo for it. Then, attack the Cashier with the weapon, and he'll begin firing on you with a Mini-Vulcan of his own to try and kill you. Never let up on shooting him, until he dies, leaving behind the Mini-Vulcan for use in all modes. However, this also allows the enemy mercs in the Super Survival and Ultimate Survival Modes to use Mini-Vulcans, as well, so be careful!



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