TT4 HK-21

The Heckler & Koch HK21 is a weapon featured in Thing-Thing 4.  


Real lifeEdit

The HK21 is a general-purpose machine gun based on the G3 battle rifle, created by the prolific German weapon company, Heckler & Koch. This belt-fed, roller-delayed blowback-operated weapon fires 7.62mm NATO cartridges at a rate of 900 rounds per minute. 

Because of having such a high rate of fire, the HK21 falls fairly short in the accuracy department, as well as being a bit weaker than the HK91, but has as much reach. To get some of the best out of this weapon, fire it in brief, rapid-fire bursts.


In Thing-Thing 4, the HK21 is first seen in the boss battle against Project 153, where Project 154 uses it to shoot the fuel tank on the former's helicopter. During the boss battle, it has infinite ammo, but not in subsequent levels afterwards, for you still have to get 7.62mm ammo from your enemies. The gun can also be obtained in the third weapon room, just in case you had decided to continue on without it after the battle with 153.


  • Thing-Thing 4


  • The HK21 is one of only two belt-fed weapons featured in the series, the other being the M249 SAW.