TT4 Hades Rifle

The Hades Rifle is a weapon featured in Thing-Thing 4. It is named for and wielded by the final boss of the game, Hades.


The Hades Rifle is a real beast of a gun, capable of firing extremely powerful rounds that can pierce through multiple enemies at a time, befitting for an Alpha-Class experiment like Hades, whoso happens to be the weapon's namesake. It is also a very accurate weapon, and has plenty of reach, as well. In addition, the massive recoil from firing such powerful rounds leads to a fairly low rate of fire.

It can be obtained from only one individual, Hades himself, after defeating him. Upon pickup, it will become available in the Armory, like all other weapons. It uses .308 Winchester ammo, which can be picked up from battle rifles like the SOCOM 16. Due to its high efficiency with .308 ammo, the Hades Rifle is a good choice for players looking to complete Hard mode, since it can be picked up with full ammo from the Armory right after beating Hades the first time.

When facing Hades in the 2nd phase of the battle, be sure to avoid getting shot by this weapon, for all the aforementioned reasons! 


  • It is similar in functionality to Zeus' rifle, which also pierces through multiple enemies at a time.
  • Its animation model, as well as the Thing-Thing 4 version of the Zeus rifle's animation model, are modified from that of the FN FAL from Thing-Thing 3.
  • If you fire the weapon and the projectile hits a wall, ceiling, or floor, you can actually see the bullet embedded in it, similar to the projectiles fired by the X6 Flechette Rifle
  • In the beginning cutscenes of Thing-Thing 4, Zeus is shown with this rifle, with the difference being that the gun's barrel is black, not gray.