Gauss Pistol.png
Gauss Pistol in Thing-Thing Arena Pro and Classic

The Gauss Pistol is a smaller version of the Gauss Gun and it's first appearance is in Thing-Thing 4. It then appeared in Thing-Thing Arena Pro and Thing-Thing Arena Classic.

Thing-Thing 4

The Gauss Pistol uses its own ammo, the Gauss ammo. Its shots pierce enemies and travel very quickly.

Thing-Thing Arena Classic/Thing-Thing Arena Pro

The Gauss Pistol returns and only has 1 shot. However, its reload time is almost nonexistent, making it easy to fire multiple shots in quick succession. Like before, its shots pierce enemies.


  • It is based on the gauss cannon, a weapon made by Carl Friedrich Gauss, a mathematical, and use magnetic acceleration to through a metallic munition over 6600 km/h, making it extremely fast and deadly. This gun have never been created as a real gun out of laboratories.
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