Executions are a game mechanic exclusive to Thing-Thing Arena 3.

They can be triggered if the player grapples (normally F) while hitting an enemy with the Lead Pipe.

Executions Edit

There are currently three different ways the player executes.

Hard Swing Edit

Piped tta3-0

Execution 1.

The player grabs the enemy into the air and hits him (over the head) twice before putting him on the ground and pulls a hard swing to his head; killing him.

Decapitation Edit

Piped tta3-1

Execution 2.

The player grabs the enemy into the air and puts him down before thrusting the bottom of the pipe into his head and pulling the pipe from his body; leaving the head on the pipe.

The head breaks off after five hits (two enemies and one swing).

Strangle Edit

Piped tta3-2

Execution 3.

The player grabs the enemy into the air before he/she pushes the player. Strangely; killing him.

Notes Edit

  • Executions don't count as melee kills.
  • The player is invulnerable while doing executions.
  • The execution notes;
    • The head on the pipe from the decapitation execution seems to have boost the damage of the lead pipe; needing only two hits to kill a target (normally four hits).
    • Though hard to tell, the third execution may have been a strangling animation.