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The Dual XM-435 SuperMags are a collective pair of weapons featured in Thing-Thing 3.


The XM-435 SuperMag is a semi-automatic handgun that fires a specialized explosive round that detonates on impact. One handgun is powerful enough, but when two are wielded at a time; the results are devastating. For this reason, the dual-wielding XM-435's are among the most potent weapons in Thing-Thing 3, perhaps the series as a whole. 

To acquire this deadly pair of pistols in Thing-Thing 3, you must defeat Vahl Dreig again with 75 kills on the side, but it's not going to be easy! However, it'll be well worth the effort if you manage to accomplish this and earn these super-powerful guns! Their low recoil rivals that of the SOCOM Mk. 23, giving them a fairly high rate of fire, as if they were the Dual USP Tacticals on steroids.

A singular XM-435 also appears in Thing-Thing Scene Creator, and can be wielded by a TT3 character model.


  • Thing-Thing 3
  • Thing-Thing Scene Creator (single-wield only)


  • The "SuperMag" in their name refers to the SuperMag family of wildcat "super magnum" handgun cartridges proposed and tested by Elgin Gates in the 1970s.