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The Desert Eagle is a weapon featured throughout the Thing-Thing series.


In Thing-Thing 1, the Desert Eagle appears as a gun that is used by and collected from enemies. It can kill an enemy in two shots, and deals 10 damage per shot to Poseidon.

Thing-Thing 2[]

It returns in Thing-Thing 2, where it is unlocked by killing a certain amount of enemies in the forth level. It fires stronger rounds than in the first game, but suffers from the recoil problem like before. Can kill an enemy with a single shot to the head. 

Thing-Thing 3[]

In Thing-Thing 3, the gun will be acquired after defeating the Vahl Dreig. It uses magnum ammo. Again, it can kill in a single shot, but is depicted with less recoil than before. Now, just because it's got less recoil than in the other games, it doesn't mean that one can just fire it as rapidly as he pleases. Magnum ammo can be a bit rare.

Thing-Thing 4[]

Thing-Thing 4 features the weapon again, this time depicted with a tactical rail on top of the barrel. Unlike in TT3, the weapon's recoil is much more realistic, but it is just as deadly as before. This weapon uses Magnum ammo. Magnum rounds can be rare at times, so use what you have wisely. It can be obtained from enemies (in the later levels) and/or in the third weapon room in the Genetics Lab.



  • The Desert Eagle is one of the very few handguns to use the powerful .50 Action Express cartridge, along with the AMT AutoMag V.
    • As a matter of fact, the Desert Eagle was also the very first handgun to use .50 Action Express cartridges.
  • Having a gas-operated recoil action makes the Desert Eagle one of the few among pistols to use it, while most use either blowback or short recoil operation.