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This page talks about the Bio-Weapons featured throughout the Thing-Thing series.

General Overview[]

Systems Corp., as indicated by their slogan "Innovating Life", deals with genetic experimentation. As a result, they have created hundreds of experiments, including Bio-Weapons, Bio-Androids, and Bio-Mechs. Any failed experiments would be thrown aside in their bio-waste disposal chambers. Of course, Systems Corp. also has the technology to artificially create Stinky Beans and even bring back the dead, albeit as zombies.

Bio-Weapons are also classfully designated with letters of the Greek alphabet, based on their capabilities. Gamma-Class Bio-Weapons, such as Project 153 and 154, are each created for a different role. Alpha-Class Bio-Weapons are the elites among Systems Corp.'s experiments, being stronger with advanced weaponry and armor, and most are larger than normal-sized Thing-Things. Some of them can even take monstrous forms, such as Vahl Dreig being a dragon-like bio-mech, or the spider-like form of Hades

However, they also make sure that the Bio-Weapons could be controlled for potential clients, usually through mind control, behavioral suppressants, genetic purification, muscle enhancements, and repeating the process until the Bio-Weapon is perfected. In addition, they will not hesitate to do whatever it takes to elimnate any rogue Bio-Weapons, as plenty of money were put into their creation, and they're unwilling to lose control of their investments. If they do eliminate a rogue Bio-Weapon, their remains would be used for refining the genetic splicing processes. Some Bio-Weapons are powered by Energy Cores, which they had stopped using at one point, due to being explosive and unstable.

List of known Experiments[]

Gamma-Class Bio-Weapons[]

Alpha-Class Bio-Weapons[]