The Beretta 92FS is a weapon featured throughout the Thing-Thing Arena side-series, as well as Thing-Thing 3.



The Beretta 92FS is one of the several pistols in the 92 series of semi-automatic handguns produced by the Italian Beretta company. The 92FS is a variant of the 92F with an enlarged hammer pin fitting into a groove on the slide mechanism's underside, to prevent it from flying off of the frame to the rear if it cracked. This was developed in response to defective slides on the 92F reported during testing by the U.S. military.

The 92FS first appeared in Thing-Thing Arena 1 with a silencer attached to the barrel for quieter shots, along with a laser sight. The silencer adds to the weapon's barrel length, and if any enemy gets close enough to you and you fire the weapon, you wouldn't hit anything.

The weapon appears a second time in dual-wield form, seen in Thing-Thing 3. Like the GIAT Famas and the Benelli M4, the weapon can only be found in the level, in which case the Dual Beretta 92FS' are found on a rooftop somewhere two-thirds of the way in Level 1. Has a moderate rate of fire among the dual-wielding handguns, but still has the weak firepower problem possessed by the Dual Walther P99's.

It appears again in Thing-Thing Arena 3, and this time, it has no silencer and can be dual-wielded (like in Thing-Thing 3). See Thing-Thing Arena 3 weapons for details.



  • The 92FS, along with the 93R, comes from the same family of handguns.