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The Benelli M4 is a semi-automatic shotgun. This gun has a short range, but deals high damage. In enemy hands is very dangerous, being able to kill the player with two shots, so it's not recommendable to get up close against it.

Thing-Thing 3[]

The Benelli M4 is first used by Project 153 when he fought against Project 154. In the next level the Benelli M4 can be found for 154 to use.

It shares its ammo with the Striker-12 and Pancor Jackhammer. It has a moderate fire rate.

Thing-Thing 4[]

The Benelli M4 is found in the second Service Tunnel room. It uses 12-gauge ammo, which is shared with the USAS-12 and PANCOR Jackahmmer.


  • The gun appears with its stock saved, probably to make it shorter.

Thing-Thing 3