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Artifact 19 is an unusual, high-tech weapon featured in Thing-Thing Arena 3. It somewhat resembles a futuristic handgun with a submachine gun-style foregrip at the front, along with a greenish-yellow coloration.

When fired, it launches a purple, lightning-like bolt of destructive energy at the closest enemy. The ammo automatically recharges, and you can hold two other weapons with it, so it seems you can't lose it. You start the round with it, if you have unlocked it.

To get it, you have to get all the weapon achievements in the game. Basically, you have to get 100 kills with each weapon (including the lead pipe). Once you accomplish this task, get yourself killed on purpose and the next time you start a game, you will be wielding it.

Tips for Unlocking[]

  1. You don't have to get 100 kills with each gun at once. You can do one acheivement a day, but something that you MUST get 100 kills at a time, or you have to start over.
  2. With some guns it depends how you kill the person for it to count as a kill. For the grenade launcher gun, the spike has to hit the enemy and blow him up. You can't just shoot the ground and have him step on it. The lead pipe is another example. You can't execute him; that won't count. You have to beat down 100 enemies in one game.
  3. There are no hacked versions of the game so far that have Artifact 19 unlocked. However, an easy way to get it in a hacked version is to get infinite health and ammo and go to an arena style game with the graphics turned down and just go to a corner and let the enemy number start to increase and the achievements start rolling in.